Autonomous Air and Underwater Systems

Fast Reaction Vehicle

Cross Domain Systems (CDS) is in development of the Fast Reaction Vehicle(FRV) drone. FRV is a low-cost, fixed wing drone, that is dynamically stable in both water and air. The system provides significant range while remaining capable of multiple transitions to the different domains.


Rapid subsea threat-mapping (ASW/MCM)

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Search and Rescue

Fleet protection (countermeasures/ spoofing)

Adds unpredictability in adversary OODA loop


Low unit cost / Attritable

Significant reduction in operating costs

50km+ Airborne – 100+ knots

20km+ Underwater – 25+ knots

About Us

Cross Domain Systems (CDS) is an engineering firm that specializes in autonomous multi-domain vehicles. The technical team has developed unmanned underwater vehicles for hundreds of government and commercial customers. Additionally, the team's robotic systems have piloted several flight systems for Aurora Flight Sciences. The team is utilizing this diverse expertise to do what others have been unable to do before with the Fast Reaction Vehicle (FRV). CDS is a veteran owned small business based in Medford, MA.

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